Happy Customers

Shirley Willis, M.S., retired educator and author

"When it was time to go public with my autobiographical novel, "Naked Teaching: A Love Story," Carrie was there to hold my hand (and my creation) gently and firmly. Not only did she cradle that infant book with the wisdom of a midwife, but she pointed out its best features while tidying up typos and totally "getting" and protecting my voice. Her mastery of tone, delivery, and the idiosyncrasies of grammar and spelling is spot on. Sometimes when we have people look at our manuscripts, there is that sense of dread before we view the suggested changes. Under Carrie's experienced pen, all I had were ah-hah moments and the glow of knowing that another person totally got my message. When the editor at my publishing company took over the book, he expressed amazement at how "clean" my copy was and made only the most minor of changes. Now that's success!

Linda Hawkins, award winning author and founder of Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc.

"Carrie is passionate about her work. She polishes your project, offering corrections and suggestions until it shines. She makes your project the best it can be!"

Danielle Sanders, Life Enrichment Director of the Arizona Pioneers' Home

"I hired Carrie to revamp and upgrade our company newsletter. She edited for grammar, readability and interest. She was able to troubleshoot the printing process and developed an online version as well. She wrote up a list of step-by-step instructions so that we can expand our newsletter as the readership grows. She even wrote submission guidelines to help us maintain the quality of our newsletter in the future. Carrie was great at making recommendations while leaving final decisions up to me. We had a lot of fun with this project. Carrie is creative, innovative and passionate about what she does."

Melissa Koch

"Carrie edited many papers through the course of my master's degree and beyond, and trust me, I needed it. Not only did she pay attention to detail and provide guidance on structure and rewording for clarity, but I learned and improved my own skills along the way. Carrie is extremely prompt with a fast turn around time, and she communicated frequently with updates on progress. I would recommend her for any editing work; she knows and enjoys what she does."

Sandra Friesen

"My husband likes to tell an old family story. Carrie helped us get it written down, edited and turned it into a family heirloom. What a gift for our grandchildren."